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Valkyria chronicles: design archive

Description: Valkyria chronicles: design archive
File name: Valkyria chronicles: design archive

The Valkyria Chronicles: Design Archive published in Japan and later in the US by Udon Entertainment is a 400 page paperback resource covering the development of the Valkyria Chronicles videogame.



The book is divided into eight sections.

History and StoryEdit

The first section is a detailed synopsis of the game's story, including the main chapters, the additional Reports, and the downloadable content bonus reports Enter the Edy Detachment and Behind Her Blue Flame.


The second section contains profiles of the various people that play a part in the story of Valkyria Chronicles. Included with the profiles are pieces of concept art, unused designs, and special illustrations of select characters from the primary character artist, Raita Honjou.

Weapons and MachinesEdit

The third section reveals the tanks and other vehicles shown (and not shown) in the game, from Edelweiss to Marmota to gun turrets, along with concept art and stories of how these machines came to be.

Military Affairs and Natural HistoryEdit

The fourth section shows off the history of Europa, and Gallia in particular. Firearms, uniforms, medals, and gadgets used by Gallia and the Empire are also shown.

Gallian GeographyEdit

The fifth section focuses on the many varied cities and landmarks that make up the Principality of Gallia, with detailed artwork and stories describing them.


The sixth section includes the pieces of art done for various packages and magazines, including a few drawn by Raita Honjou.


The seventh section details the many incarnations Valkyria Chronicles went through before arriving at the game seen today, as well as examining the artwork involved in this long path of development.


The eight section actually has two interviews, one with the development team, and another with the game's composer, Hitoshi Sakimoto.

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