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Perl 5 for dummies

Description: Perl 5 for dummies
File name: Perl 5 for dummies

Contrasting Single and Double Quotes in Perl

To summarize the main difference between single and double quotation marks: Single quotation marks do not interpret, and double quotation marks do. That is, if you put something in single quotation marks [more…]

Understanding Perl Strings

Text items in Perl are called strings. A string is zero or more characters put together in a single chunk. A character is anything that you can type, such as letters, digits, punctuation, and spaces. Strings [more…]

Avoiding Common Oversights in Perl

Entering a typo or two during the course of writing a Perl program is not uncommon. But when you attempt to run a program containing a text-entry slip-up, Perl usually becomes confused and tells you so [more…]

Examining Perl's Pluses for Programming

As programming languages go, Perl scores kudos for being easy to learn and easy to use. After studying just the basics of the language, you can write a small Perl program designed to do a simple task. [more…]

Perl Pattern-Matching Quantifiers

Perl enables you to use common symbols to instruct the program you're writing to match data once, never, or up to a certain number of times. The following table shows you which symbol to use to get the [more…]

The Most Useful File Tests in Perl

Programming with Perl is fairly straightforward, which runs to the letters you use for file tests. For example, r tests whether a file can be read, and [more…]

Special Characters in Perl

Like any programming language, Perl uses special commands for special characters, such as backspaces or vertical tabs. So, if you need to program in a bell or a beep or just a carriage return, check the [more…]

Perl True-False Comparison Operators

When you're programming with Perl — or any other language — you use comparison operators all the time. The following table shows the common comparisons for Perl in both math and string form: [more…]

Common List Functions in Perl

Perl was originally designed to help process reports more easily. Reports often contain lists, and you may want to use Perl to perform certain functions within a list. The following table shows you common [more…]

Shortcuts for Character Ranges in Perl

You're programming along in Perl and want to use a code shortcut to represent anything from a number to a non-number to any letter or number. You're in luck, because the following table gives you the code [more…]

Perl For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Perl enables you to write powerful programs right from the start, whether you're a programming novice or expert. Perl offers the standard programming tools — comparison operators, pattern-matching quantifiers [more…]

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