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Black and blue

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Assassinaut Day 11: What Would You Do for a Kuni Buck?

by Evan LuziProduction Stories

Today was payday on day 11 of Assassinaut and while all of us received checks or deposits, some lucky crew received some bonus payments in the form of a fresh currency known as “Kuni Bucks”

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Assassinaut Day 10: Tips for Working in the Rain

We swapped the heat on our backs for water from the trees as the sun disappeared behind the canopy of the forest and the rain clouds drifting above. Day 10 of Assassinaut was rocky and wet and rain was on my mind as I tried to keep it off the camera.

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Assassinaut Day 9: A Relaxing Day at the Beach

by Evan LuziProduction Stories

The drive down to our motel for week 2 of Assassinaut brought mixed emotions as I passed my college and thought about how I used to dream about a career in film. And day 9 proved how fruitful those dreams could be.

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Assassinaut Day 8: Ending the Week with a Bang

by Evan LuziProduction Stories

Safety is of great concern on day 8 of Assassinaut when we whip out the prop guns for firing some blanks and airsoft BB’s on a short day that takes us to the end of week number two.

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Assassinaut Day 7: Treacherous Waters

by Evan LuziProduction Stories

Never underestimate moving water and never underestimate film production. In both cases, what looks easy can be deceptively tough. Day 7 of Assassinaut was a lesson in how little things on a set can add up to make one day feel like an eternity.

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Assassinaut Day 6: A Turning Point

by Evan LuziBehind the Lens

Today on Day 6 we filmed a pivotal scene in Assassinaut that pushes me to consider how you know if a movie is going to be worth watching. For now, the best I can do is keep things in focus and hope what’s good in front of the camera ends up good in front of the audience.

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Assassinaut Day 5: Camera Goes Handheld Into the Woods

by Evan LuziCamera Assisting

We braved ticks, spiders, tall-grass, rain, and mud on day 5 of Assassinaut. The camera spent most of the day rigged for handheld shots which has its pros and cons for me, the camera assistant.

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Assassinaut Day 4: When It Rains, It Floods, But We Keep Filming

by Evan LuziProduction Stories

Not everyday on a film set is easy or fun – sometimes you have to earn your paycheck. Day 4 of the sci-fi feature film Assassinaut was one of those days where you keep filming and keep grinding until you have your shots in the can, even through all the curveballs thrown your way.

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The Best Guide You’ll Ever Read for On-Set Etiquette

Brandon Tonner-Connolly with Alicia van Couvering write excellently about “The Seven Arts of Working in Film: A Necessary Guide to On-Set Protocol.” The seven arts being:

  1. Presentation
  2. Department
  3. Asking Questions
  4. Following Through
  5. The Next Step
  6. Common Sense
  7. Being a Hero

Imagine that you are in a dark cave with a group of people, and all of you are running around in different directions. In a corner of the cave is a flashlight, which is spinning through the room.

Suddenly, the flashlight lands on a single person. Everyone stops. Until that person does his or her job, no one can move forward.

At some point during the shooting day, that flashlight will land on you. Everyone will be looking at you and waiting for you to do your job, or the production will stop moving. That flashlight can feel like a warm spotlight or it can feel like the high beams of a speeding car, fixing you in its headlights, determined to mow you down. It all depends on how well you understand your job and the jobs of others around you.

This is one of the best guides to setiquette (set etiquette) I’ve ever read, so if you feel you’re still a little green on set, drop what you’re doing, read it, and savor every word.

Assassinaut: Five Ways to Be a Better AC for Week 2

by Evan LuziMiscellaneous Tips

Nobody is perfect – I’m certainly not – and there’s always room for improvement. As we wrapped the short week 1 on Assassinaut, I spent an after-wrap run thinking about, “What could I do better?” After some reflection, I came up with five ways I could up my game as we head into week 2.

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