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The shameful diary of a hopeless romantic: book 1

Description: The shameful diary of a hopeless romantic: book 1
File name: The shameful diary of a hopeless romantic: book 1

This is a really fun quirky read. I liked Maggie from the start, even if she is a bit dim at times. The misunderstanding about the "partner" was a low moment for her mentally. Other than that major mindslip, I found her delightful, if not a touch self absorbed.

I was laughing out loud several times and giggling more often than not. The relationships are sweet and the supporting characters interesting and engaging. I loved they whole dynamic Maggie has with all her friends. I especially love he playfulness she has with Blake. They are a delight to read when together.

The whole book is Maggie's POV, which isn't bad, just very one sided. You have to guess at what others are thinking unless they say something outright.

I was thoroughly enjoying my reading/listening experience and then BAM, it ended!! Out of the blue total cold ending, no real resolutions of HEA!!!! WTF!! I feel so cheated. Now I have to decide if I spend another credit to get the rest of the story!! Oh, guess what, there is a book out there that combines both parts. Wish I knew that before I bought this!!

I would have ranked this higher if it had not left me short. It was a entertaining read up until the ending cutting the book short! I am really not happy about having to spend more to get the last third of the book.

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