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Mcdougalls' all-you-can-eat cookbook

Description: Mcdougalls' all-you-can-eat cookbook
File name: Mcdougalls' all-you-can-eat cookbook

JeffNovickHealthyEatingPlacemat"I have really been thinking about . . . how best to describe the principles of a healthy diet, and I think, plant-centered, minimally processed, calorie dilute, low SOS [salt, oil, sugar] & variety, really sums it all up," says Jeff Novick, MS, RD. But what does that look like when we sit down to a meal?  And is Jeff's definition the healthiest one out there?  Let's see what other plant-based eating experts think about dividing up a dinner plate.

Jeff's "Healthy Eating Placemat" suggests that 50% of our plate should be filled with fruits and non-starchy vegetables. Sometimes these non-starchy vegetables are called "green and yellow vegetables." They can also be thought of as veggies that "crunch"-- that is, vegetables that are sometimes enjoyed raw although we might choose to eat them cooked instead. The other 50% of the plate, according to Jeff, should be filled with starchy foods like potatoes, sweet potatoes, winter squash, intact whole grains, and beans. Using Jeff's 50-50 rule as a basis for comparison, we can discover what other models of plant-based eating might look like.

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